Xpatweb Technology

Xpatweb provides you with a web based process driven system and solution that eases the expatriate management process by allowing you to manage your expatriates throughout the various phases of the expatriate life cycle and the tasks that link with each phase.

Integrated System

All information in one secure location to make the management process easier, faster and more efficient, with multi-user levels ensuring integrated management.

Total Solutions Package

The Xpatweb system offers a fully integrated management system to manage your expatriate tasks and administrative responsibilities.


The web-based application allows easy access to authorised users to view all integrated data.


Our reporting solution gives you instant access to any essential expatriate data that you require as well as the general status and operation of international mobility within the business.


Our security protocols have passed stringent testing by our clients in the banking, security and cellular provider industries.

System Notifications

System generated email notifications on upcoming international assignment events, tasks and critical dates.

Document Library

Online secure access to all essential assignment related documentation removing the need for searching through hard copy files. Providing company-specific assignment templates ensuring  compliance with standardised  processes and documentation.

Expatriate Cost Modeling

Market leading cost control, package budgeting and modelling, tax equalisation, tax protection and build-up or net pay methodologies, all in a single application with payroll integration.

Security and Access

All Xpatweb system users are provided with specific, high security authorisation accessibility to ensure that information always remains confidential.

One Source of Truth

A centralised and integrated database updates and stores all information critical in managing expatriates and their assignments.

Integrated Calendar

The Xpatweb system has an integrated calendar, allowing the user to set reminders, record important dates and view or manage tasks.

Outlook E-mail Notifications

The users are pro-actively able to manage everyday responsibilities of the expatriate assignments as email notifications of tasks and duties are sent directly to their inbox to be actioned.

Employee Self Service

Expatriates will be able to access their personal information at any time to make the necessary updates. This lightens the workload of the Administration staff and ensures that the information is always up to date.

Communication Tracking

This feature allows for the assignment coordinators to track communication between one another. This communication process is therefore fully controlled and more convenient.

Import Facility

CSV file imports and exports allows for system integration with business applications, allowing Xpatweb to function in all parts of the world.