The contents contained within this toolkit are the guidelines and instructions compiled to assist you in obtaining a South African visa/permit in a lawful manner. It includes all requirements and instructions in terms of the Immigration Act of 2002 (as amended). We reiterate and emphasise as per below, that we may not be held accountable for any additional requests/decisions made by an official at the South African Mission/Embassy/VFS and/or the Department of Home Affairs. The outcome of a visa application is entirely at the discretion of the official adjudicating same and may be subject to discrepancies.

We shall assist with an initial free assessment in order to confirm if you do indeed qualify for the selected visa. However, should this toolkit be purchased prior to an assessment request, it shall be presumed that you are confident with applying for the said visa category and we may further not be held accountable if the incorrect visa category has been selected.

This toolkit entails only those contents contained therein and any further services or advices to be rendered from ourselves will be charged for accordingly. Should you at any point after purchase of the toolkit wish to engage our full professional services, the amount paid will be credited against our professional fee and we will only invoice you for the difference in proceeding with the professional mandate.


Any personal information which comes into our possession remains strictly confidential and will remain protected and shall not be divulged to any third party, except where required by law and, in which case, you will receive prior notification.


This toolkit as well as any work we perform is protected under the copyright laws of South Africa and other countries as an unpublished work. This toolkit and our services contain information that is proprietary and confidential to Xpatweb, which shall not be duplicated, distributed or disclosed in whole or in part by the recipient for any purpose.

Payment terms

The fees as outlined is payable upfront and access to the toolkit will only be granted on receipt of proof of payment. The same applies to any consultations and/or services requested to be rendered after the purchase of this toolkit. The amount paid for this toolkit is non-refundable as the necessary information would have been disclosed for the required purpose(s).


Should a dispute arise, the matter shall be referred to arbitration by an independent arbitrator recommended by the Company.


While we are fully responsible for the nature and quality of the services we provide in terms of our mandates, we cannot and do not accept any professional or ethical responsibility for any delays, or fault of any manner, on the part of the Department of Home Affairs, its agents at overseas missions, or the Ministry of Home Affairs. In accepting any mandate from a client, we do not and cannot hold ourselves out to have any influence over the decision-making process in relation to any application contemplated, or the speed at which results become available, on any application as these elements are exclusively within the management and control of the Government of the Republic of South Africa. It is therefore necessary for every client from whom we accept any immigration-related mandates that while we will use every reasonable effort to have the relevant application/s processed within the parameters of delivery time-frames set out by statutory or jurisprudential law, we are unable to give any client any guarantee of favourable decisions or time-frames in which to expect results on applications, other than the warrantee of professional competence which underpins all our advice and assistance in relation thereto.

We shall rely on the information and documentation we have received from you for the described purposes on the basis that such information and documentation is authentic, true and correct in every respect and accordingly we take and shall take no responsibility for any repercussions of an adverse nature should it be found that the information and/or documentation provided to us is flawed, or otherwise contains or constitutes any purposeful misrepresentation.

Should the individual to whom or to which it is addressed fail to notify ourselves in writing that he/she/it is in disagreement with any aspect of the representations contained therein within ten days of his/her/its receipt hereof, we shall proceed on our instructions on the basis that he/she agrees that with all aspects and are in full agreement with his/her/its instructions.