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Please note this questionnaire is NOT for where you require a work permit or residency permit for South Africa, an African country or international location.


Thank you for contacting us on your planned international travel. We are South Africa’s largest independent international mobility firm, which covers all areas of South Africans working abroad and foreigners in South Africa. The key areas of our service are work visas in South Africa and internationally, tax and financial planning for expatriates and international individuals. We therefore have very close relationships with the Department of Home Affairs and DIRCO offices around the world. Accordingly, with international travel being allowed, we have been approached with many questions on international travel.

Please note this is a fast-changing area of law and regulation. However, our approach is to provide exact answers and clear assistance on latest available information. Due to the volume of enquiries, we request that you share basic information, ensuring that you are correctly assisted.

Please note that we are unable to assist with any repatriation flight bookings.