Xpatweb has a unique and focussed approach to accurate timeline planning from commencement of the expatriate engagement, through the entire work permit process, to ultimate renewal(s) required and termination of work permit on completion of expatriation or permanent residency application where required. This ensures that the whole process is optimally planned, including trips abroad for obtaining visas, passport renewals and making sure there is a time and governance framework around the full process.

As part of our standard service we ensure that all stakeholders are informed of processes and timelines involved and are updated every step of the way of any changes, thus no after-the-event management required.

The change in law has also seen the introduction of applicants being required to file the visa application at a South African Embassy/High Commission/Consulate office in the applicant’s home country. It has come to our attention that these offices do handle the applications slightly different in each case and we therefore conduct a full check with the foreign embassy of any unique and country specific requirements, ensuring first time compliant submissions.

The Immigration Act of 2002 Immigration Regulations which came into effect on 22 May 2014. The traditional approach of providers giving a list of items to be provided before the application is drafted is now changing, in that some items are priority, and to allow an ultimately quicker conclusion of the process our “Employer Xpatweb Immigration Tracker” (EXIT) highlights the items required and the processes that can run concurrently without creating an unnecessary delay. This ensures optimal timeline planning, from initiation, for a quicker more streamlined conclusion of the process.