A visitor’s visa under section 11(1)(b)(II), also known as a volunteer visa, allows the holder thereof to perform voluntary and charitable work in South Africa.

The holder of the abovementioned may not be remunerated for the work that is done whilst on a volunteer visa in South Africa.

Volunteer visas are valid for a period of up to 3 years and are renewable.

DescriptionDocuments RequiredProcessing Time and Fees

A Volunteer visa is granted showing that the applicant will perform charitable work in South Africa.

The quintessential documents, inter alia, when applying for a Visitor visas with volunteer authorization are as follows –

  • A copy of the agreement with the entity for which you will do the volunteer work
  • The original Police Clearance Certificates from every country where you have resided since your eighteenth birthday, for more than 12 calendar months
  • A Medical Certificate form, to be completed by any medical practitioner consequent to a basic medical examination
  • A Radiological Report form, to be completed by any radiologist consequent to a chest x-ray

Submissions in South Africa

Applications submitted in South Africa at the VFS office take approximately 4 – 8 weeks.


  • Department of Home Affairs Application Fee – R425
  • VFS Service Fee – R1350

Submissions Abroad

Applications that are submitted abroad in the applicant’s home country or country of permanent residence are generally processed within 30 days, this may differ slightly from one foreign mission to the next.


An amount equal to R1520 in local currency.