Children who are born abroad from one or both South African citizens may apply to have their foreign birth registered with the South African Department of Home Affairs and claim citizenship.

DescriptionRequired DocumentsProcessing Time and FeesUseful Facts

A child whose parent(s) is a South African Citizen may automatically qualify for citizenship. Their birth will however need to be registered with the Department of Home Affairs within 30 days.

The following quintessential documents must be submitted inter alia with the application (we can assist with these as required):

  • A certified copy of the unabridged birth certificate issued abroad or at birth
  • Proof of birth and/or citizenship of the South African parent(s)
  • Letter from the parents confirming paternity

Foreign Birth Registration take approximately 6 months to process by the Department of Home Affairs

Offices must ensure that parents/grandparents birth certificates are attached with every application submitted. Without these no application will be processed.