The New Critical Skills List – A Firm Offer Of Employment Is A Must

The new Critical Skills List that was gazetted in February 2022 and subsequently the Directive that was issued in the same month, comes with an array of changes which can be daunting for those looking to either apply for or renew their Critical Skills Work Visa.

There is a new critical skills list. Do I still qualify for Permanent Residency?

There Is A New Critical Skills List. Do I Still Qualify For Permanent Residency?

It is common knowledge that South Africa has a high unemployment rate and a shortage of suitably qualified/skilled persons. However, South Africa continues to be the destination which expatriates, multi-nationals and investors see as the land of hope, growth, and new beginnings.

NQF requirements of the Critical Skills List.

NQF Requirements Of The Critical Skills List

The Critical Skills List has been used to determine whether an applicant is eligible for a Critical Skills Work Visa, this has been a steadfast requirement for some time. However, with the release of the new Critical Skills List as of 2nd February 2022, the Department of Home Affairs will now dictate the eligibility for […]

Engineering Occupations Remain Prevalent

Engineering Occupations Remain Prevalent

The new Critical Skills list, which was gazetted in February 2022, includes numerous Engineering occupations such as Electrical, Chemical and Mining Engineers, which were left off of the draft list.

The New Critical Skills List - Corporate General Manager is in!

The New Critical Skills List – Corporate General Manager Is In!

On February 2nd, 2022, the Minister of Home Affairs released an updated Critical Skills List (CSL) for Critical Skills Work Visas and Permanent Residence Permits in this category.  The Critical Skills list stipulates which occupations and qualifications are deemed to be critical in the Republic of South Africa for either an application for a work visa […]

What You Need To Know About The Critical Skills Technical Report

What You Need To Know About The Critical Skills Technical Report

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) supported the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) in developing and applying a methodology to select occupations for the Critical Skills List (CSL) through the Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) research initiative in 2020. The CSL serves as the foundation for granting critical skills work visas (CSVs) to foreign […]

Why emigrating to the Netherlands is attractive to South Africans

Why Emigrating To The Netherlands Is Attractive To South Africans

With various countries closing their borders since the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Netherlands has emerged as one of the new frontrunners as a destination for emigrating South African to further their careers.

10 Things You Need To Know About The New CSS List

10 Things You Need To Know About The New Critical Skills List

The new much anticipated Critical Skills list was published last week. Herewith a quick overview of the top 10 facts you need to know.

The Long-Awaited Critical Skills List Finally Gazetted

The Long-Awaited Critical Skills List Finally Gazetted

Aaron Motsoaledi, Minister of Home Affairs, has Gazetted the long-awaited new Critical Skills List, which had not been updated since 2014. This has been welcomed with open arms by corporations across South Africa, which may now fulfil the country’s objective of luring foreign professionals and sought-after critical skills.

The South African Dream: From Residency To Citizenship

The Southern tip of Africa is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world. Known for its diverse culture and breath-taking scenery, South Africa draws people from all over. However, the journey from being a foreign immigrant to becoming a South African citizen requires a bit of planning and dedication. For most hopeful applicants, this would […]