SA Companies Import Critical Skills As Local Pool Can’t Plug The Hole

SA Companies Import Critical Skills As Local Pool Can’t Plug The Hole

About 97% of listed and multinational companies in South Africa say engineers are indispensable to their business operations and often have to be recruited abroad.

Some Light At The End Of A Dark Tunnel For Mauritius

Mauritius, the country that implemented rigid regulations during the Covid-19 pandemic, is now feeling the financial repercussions.

Australia Immigration

Australia Immigration: Current Economic and Security Situation in South Africa

South Africans have been dealing with mounting economic and security concerns for quite some time and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has only worsened conditions in the country.

Mauritius Finally Reopens its borders and welcome all travellers

Mauritius Finally Re-Opens Its Borders And Welcomes All Travellers

Mauritius, a country that has implemented stringent lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic has now relaxed its regulations and announced the reopening of its borders from Tuesday 15th July 2021.

Reasons More South Africans Are Choosing To Emigrate To Canada

Many South Africans, concerned about the current economic climate and security issues that the country is facing, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has already fuelled burgeoning unemployment, rising poverty and a worrying rise in the crime rate, are now considering emigration.

Greece Golden Visa-An Open Door To The EU For South Africans

Greece Golden Visa: An Open Door To The Eu For South Africans

South Africans who are seeking a pathway to relocate to live in Europe but who don’t necessarily want to be restricted as to where and when they must move to permanently reside abroad, will find that Greece’s Golden Visa offers a solution that opens doors to the continent.

Europe Citizenship and Residency by Investment

Europe Citizenship And Residency By Investment

South Africans seeking to emigrate, who are unable to meet the skills points criteria to move to the more traditionally popular destinations like the UK and Australia, are now increasingly seeking out alternative global locations that offer both the lifestyle and security that they desire for their families.