Finance Minister Concerned On Home Affairs’ Impact On South Africa Economy

The Budget 2023/24 last week contained one very frank, but also deeply worrying, acknowledgement on how frustrated government and foreign investors have become with the South African Home Affairs.

SONA Foreign Talent Announcements Enticing, But Are They Realistic?

Will President Ramaphosa’s SONA announcement on reforms to attract foreign talent really benefit South African critical skills employers? “We certainly welcome these initiatives as a win for organisations that are desperate to acquire scarce skills that are not available locally,” says Marisa Jacobs, Managing Director at Xpatweb.

South Africa Welcomes Foreign Property Investment Despite Widespread Global Restrictions

In the midst of growing international restrictions on foreign property investors, South Africa remains a welcoming haven to these buyers.

SA visas may give ZEP holders the best chance of staying in SA

SA Visas May Give ZEP Holders The Best Chance Of Staying In SA

Zimbabwean Exemption Permit (ZEP) holders should take advantage of the 6-month extension granted by the South African government to apply for a mainstream visa or exemption.

Increased Global Hiring And Talent Shortages Bode Poorly For SA Critical Skills

Increased Global Hiring and Talent Shortages Bode Poorly For SA Critical Skills

A +33% global net employment outlook is being tempered by the highest levels of worldwide talent shortages in 16 years. This is according to the ManpowerGroup’s Employment Outlook Survey for Q3, 2022.

SARS Ups The Ante On Expatriates Trying To Cease Their Tax Residency

Employers Have a Window of Opportunity on their Zimbabwean Staff

The Department of Home Affairs (“DHA”) granted a final extension to 30 June 2023 for all individuals holding a Zimbabwean Exemption Permit (“ZEP”). The minister, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, reiterated the point that the exemption will not be extended again, and this provides an opportunity for employers to retain their Zimbabwean employees legally.

VFS Submission

VFS Submissions

It’s Never Been Easier to Submit a Visa Application!


What South Africans Lose When Adopting Foreign Citizenship

Anyone who acquires citizenship in another country will automatically lose their South African citizenship. This includes all rights and privileges associated with being a South African citizen, including losing your right to a South African passport, one’s right to vote, etc.

Bitter Sweet Update Directive allowing Expatriates with Pending Visas to remain in country gets extended to 31 March 2023

The Department of Home Affairs has released an updated Directive extending all visas for foreign nationals currently in South Africa, whose visas have expired but have a pending visa or waiver application, until 31 March 2023.

Zimbabwe Visa Update The Minister And Xpatweb Speaks On 702

Zimbabwe Visa Update – The Minister And Xpatweb Speaks On 702

Aubrey Masango hosted last night on Radio 702 the Minister of Home Affairs, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, as well as Marisa Jacobs, the Managing Director of Xpatweb; South Africa’s leading specialist work visa provider.