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WHITE PAPER: Home affairs in bid to revamp migration setup

The Department of Home Affairs has put forward ambitious new proposals to revamp SA’s migration system to curb economic migration, while also attracting skills. The department believes the cost of the revamp will be money well spent. The department is due to present a white paper on international migration to the Cabinet this week. Among […]

4 616 Permanent Residency Applications Pending

According to a notice issued by the Department of Home Affairs on 17 March 2017, there is a total of 4 616 Permanent Residency application received by the Department prior to 2 June 2014 that remain pending. Remedies are available to these candidates, should you require intervention on your long pending Permanent Residency application please […]

Home Affairs turn screws on migrants: Changes five Acts‚ border processing centres‚ citizen panel

The Department of Home Affairs will push ahead with plans to establish border processing centres for refugees‚ as part of sweeping legislative changes to SA’s immigration regime that will also redefine processes leading to citizenship. Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba said on Friday that SA must begin strategically managing migration rather than focusing on compliance‚ […]

Home Affairs to Host International Migration Conference

The Department of Home Affairs will host a two-day National International Migration Conference on 17-18 March 2017 at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg. Minister Malusi Gigaba has identified the development of a new international migration policy as one of his top priorities during his term of office. This policy review seeks to lay a solid […]

What Trump’s first State of the Union address could mean for Africa

Donald Trump on Wednesday for the first time since his inauguration on January 20th addressed a joint session of the Congress on the state of the nation. The address which had on record more applauds than points was titled ‘Renewing the American Spirit’ even though it was basically a repetition of everything he has been […]

Don’t get caught napping! Take advantage of the strong Rand

The Rand is enjoying a fantastic rally and is now frequently dipping below 13.00 to the US Dollar. With Euro and Pound weakness thrown into the mix, it’s clear that this is a good time to be offshoring some of your Rands. Good times, unfortunately, rarely last very long. However, while that sun shines we […]

UPDATE: Visa Exemption for Russian and South African Citizens

After several months of debating, The Department of Home Affairs and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, have finally come to the conclusion of allowing South African- and Russian citizens to be visa-exempt when entering the respective country(ies). The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation stated that – “Under the […]

Visa-free Travel for South Africans to the EU Still on the Table

In September 2016, The Department of Home Affairs’ Minister, Malusi Gigaba proposed visa-free travel for South Africans to the European Union (EU). The measures that were proposed, include the feasibility of multiple-entry visas for South African business travellers to the EU and full exemptions for South African leisure travellers.