Many expats move to South Africa for the beautiful weather and leisure options. However, some personal safety and economic worries can make life more challenging for those living in this sunny country. InterNationals conducted a survey in 2017, giving insights of South Africa through Expat’s eyes.


With an overall ranking of 42 out of 65 countries, 67% considered the climate and weather in South Africa as ‘very good’. In other findings, 49% respondents were unhappy about the transportation infrastructure, despite 78% respondents living in South Africa’s three biggest cities, Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg.


Apart from some of the drawbacks, 86% of the respondents were generally happy with the leisure activities available for their kids, and South Africa ranked 4th out of 65 in the Leisure Options subcategory of the Quality of Life Index. Overall, 77% expats are generally satisfied with the move to South Africa.


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