The Xpatweb team consists of experienced and highly qualified individuals who share a passion for specialised solutions in the expatriation and international mobility sector. We offer bespoke work visa services for corporates and professionals; providing our customers with the best-personalised expatriate solutions possible.

As a team, Xpatweb remains up to date on all new developments within the expatriation and international mobility trends worldwide. Maintaining close relationships with our clients and organisations allows us to provide the best possible customised business solutions and services.

Why Us?

Our specialist team include Attorneys, Chartered Accountants, Master Tax Practitioners, a Financial Services Provider (FSP) and Master Reward Specialists, who combined are relevantly qualified to fully command the entire skillset required to address your residency needs holistically. Whilst our professional credentials ensure accountability and the highest standards of delivery, we are in a unique position to provide you with pertinent advice ensuring the optimal approach to immigration.

Our services include but are not limited to: corporate visas, short term work visas, intra-company transfer work visas, critical skills work visas and permanent residency permits, with the visa process ranging anything from 10 working days for short term visas and an average of 8 weeks end-to-end for work visa applications.

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